Our 5 most frequently asked questions

Twiice helps managers and professionals run more effective meetings, with 3 key points:

  • It helps your team to adopt good habits like always creating an agenda, even if it's a simple outline, right at the start of a meeting
  • It supports meeting organizers to be effective timekeepers
  • It helps you to make your meetings more action-oriented, with a minutes focused on actions with an assignee and a deadline

Yes and no.

The principle of Twiice is that the meeting organizer shares their screen on Twiice.

So any videoconference tool that allows you to share your screen… works with Twiice, like MS Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Since it's just screen sharing, there is nothing to set up, no API integration or anything.

Twiice is relevant for:

  • Project reviews meetings
  • Steering Committees
  • Crisis meetings
  • Online meeting with a prospect
  • All meetings that lack a sense of structure

Meetings for which Twiice is not relevant:

  • Sprint planning, sprint debrief
  • Meetings already organised in agile mode (scrum etc.)

Before a meeting:

You prepare your next meeting by writing down the list of topics to be discussed and optionally, the important information on each topic.

The result you will get: a meeting agenda.

At the time of your meeting:

Regardless of your videoconferencing software, you share your screen with the participants on Twiice.

You start on the list of topics, and when everyone is there,just click on "Start meeting"

From there, Twiice will help you organise your meeting, in a simple way.

Before people experience Twiice, we often hear…

"yet another tool?"

Not really.

Because participants…
… do not need to connect to Twiice
… do not have to create an account
…they log in as usual to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Meet etc...

They just see the screen you are sharing.

Nothing changes for them.
Except… the feeling of having more effective meetings.

The only change is for you, who will be using Twiice to organise and run your meetings.